Budget Base

Budget Base

My general issue with make up cosmetics on a budget is that despite looking pretty in a pan they rarely deliver. To me it's always all about the texture, not necessarily the colour, pigmentation or longevity, which very frequently is lacking.

If I decide to wear a foundation I always want that polished satin finish, not the natural my skin but better. Finding a good one on a budget can be tricky, and frankly, if you're picky like myself, almost impossible. The closest to what I fancy would be Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. The texture is nice and thin, it might not have the best staying power but it feels silky and looks radiant on the skin.

Most under eye concealers crease or/and look dry, it drives me mad. If I can't get it right what's the point of adding eye make up at all? I'd rather just leave my under eye bags bare to be honest (which I've been doing a lot these days). Event the one from Clarins everyone loves doesn't sit quite right. However, this little wand from Garnier does everything I'm after, it's got a nice thin consistency that conceals and sinks in without looking heavy. I sincerely hope it hasn't been discontinued since I've not seen it around recently.

My main problem with highlighters is that they tend to look cheap. I blame glitter and pearl. Topshop Glow Highlighter is a decent alternative to a mirror shine that looks so much better on the cheekbones than the chunky pearl. (No thank you Sleek & Co)

I love a good blusher. Lately I've been into the nude, mauvey shades with a bit of shimmer that can be used as a subtle contour. The Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve from Max Factor (ha!) ticks all the boxes, it is as good as they say.