Lip List

Lip List

I've never been a major lipstick wearer/lover in the past. In fact the only product I would religiously apply was a clear gloss that did nothing for my face. It took me over a decade to grow to finally love it.

I get bored easily, I like to change the colour plenty therefore I'm always on a hunt for a cool new shade. If there's anything that makes me eyeroll a lot, it's the lipstick rules/trends. You know it- pastels for blondes, dark tones for brunettes, brights for summer, vamps for autumn and reds for christmas? Really, why can't we just wear whichever we feel looks nice. Lipstick is the only product that will transform your face the quickest, it's fun and versatile. Sadly that might also be the reason so many of us won't use it. I could easily go on with my day without a foundation, definitely a mascara (maybe an eyebrow pencil) but without any form of a lipstick I feel bare.

When online or in store I'm always browsing the new shades, building the ultimate highend wishlist. Currently I'm still deliberating over Clinique's Pops. (I know, the summer's over) It's hard to decide on a shade since they all look dreamy and I hear the texture is nice as well.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

Charlotte TilburyMatte Revolution lipstick

Chanel rouge allure velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour