Recent Finds

newlook1 It's not a secret my wardrobe is lacking. So it really does mean a lot when I come home with more than one item. What's more when I last in H&M more than 30 seconds you know I'm down to some serious business (aka I seriously need things to wear). Like I would expect though in h&m I did not buy anything. I did however have a proper look through the collection, which probably was even better because I remained convinced again that it's possibly not the best place for me to shop in at the moment. In the end though I did find things I'm very pleased with. Still in a serious need of a coat. ZARA I might be coming for you next!

Denim Skirt, New Look - I realise I'm pretty late to the denim skirt trend but I haven't had one since my primary years so ...

Jumper, New Look - I was looking for a grey one but a white one will do.