A Concealer (for Beginners)

garnierI have a bit of a love/hate relationship with concealers.  I like the idea behind them but in real life I have yet to find one that would make me entirely satisfied with my undereye area. There's nothing worse in my opinion than a dry, creased and patchy product on your skin. I find it more aging than the actual dark circles. I'd honestly just rather leave them bare, which I frequently do.

Concealing has become (or has it always been) more complex these days I think. With products like BB eye creams, correctors, serum correctors, brighteners you really need to do a little research before you throw things in your basket. It's all about finding what suits you the best (obvs) which might take a while but the results will always be worth it.

My dark circles can be pretty extreme so you'd think I would probably need a lot of coverage. Personally I go for the opposite- sheer moisturizing textures. Things get a bit more tricky as you get older and I just prefer a thinner consistency even if the coverage is barely there. Sadly there's not a lot of concealing products like that. The one I've been using recently though, BB Cream Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On from Garnier, is really good. It promises dark circles, fatigue and fine lines reduction but also brightness and moisture. It does a bit of all of them. It's a nice little product if you're just getting into makeup or like me you like to cover up just a bit. I've got the lighter colour, the shade looks peachy so it can do the corrector's job. It's a good all-rounder.