Living Abroad

oh my scotheart

A few days ago I read Kate's post about being independent and honestly I've never been this inspired to write my own take on the subject. ( Thanks Kate La Vie!)

Back in my childhood years I would often think about the future. My earliest memories involve me dreaming of living far from home. I remember it so vividly even now about 20 years later.  I can never recall the reasoning behind it, all I can say is it felt like it already had been decided even though no one took me seriously. (My boyfriend thinks it's supernatural, I find it a bit scary). So when the opportunity came I jumped right on it without having second thoughts.

I quickly discovered I'm not a family/home person (my home sickness lasted one day). If anything prior to me leaving all I ever thought about was how great it would be to live on my own, manage my own life and just work on myself as a person. I think subconsciously I looked at it as a form of escape but also a genuine desire to be somewhere else. Just recently I came to visit my home town and it was the most surreal trip in my life (might be a story for another time).

Living in Wales taught me a lot about taking care of myself but also it added up a lot to my confidence. Even though I like to think I've always been an independent person, making it out on your own in a foreign country takes everything back to basics. I found out I adapt pretty quickly, which of course made my new life so much easier. It took a lot of hard work and several jobs I did not quite enjoy to be where I am now. Eventually I moved to Scotland over a year ago and I can safely say now this is my favourite place to be. I settled in fast. I've always been a bit obsessed with the accent but now being here surrounded by it is just a whole new level of love. I adore the general attitude, the manners, the humour but also the mighty Highlands. I've been to the northern islands a few times; I must admit I do have a bit of a soft spot for Orkney (hence the name Stromvoe) and also I am crazy in love with Shetland. Would love to go back.

I don't really have any advice other than if this is something you feel very strongly about (like I did) you have to just go for it. Things can and probably will get low and difficult but that's okay because they can only get better so always think where and who you want to be and work hard towards it.