A Nude Blush


As far as I'm aware everybody owns at least one of the Max Factor's Creme Puff Blushers. The hype behind them has been pretty insane, which is one of the reasons I had been so reluctant to try them (please don't ask, I'm just very fussy). What's more, they supposedly are dupes for the Ambient Lighting Blushes from Hourglass which made me hesitate even more since I don't believe in dupes in general. Good quality on a budget is rare to find despite what people like to say. A product needs to do more than to just look alike.

One day though while having a casual dab in Nude Mauve I quickly realised this could potentially have been that perfect neutral blush I had been after for so long. I would always go for colour but after swooning over the tarte's blush in Exposed swatches I decided I needed something similar.

Nude Mauve is cool toned which I like. It's also not matte which I like even more. I find matte base in general rather boring and flat. I love a good sheen and these blushers have the perfect amount of shimmer (no chunky glitter, no thanks) and are fantastic in terms of the texture. They blend in really nicely and stay on for a reasonable amount of time. It's a top quality product on a budget. I'm a believer now. *throws my hands up in the air*