Light Up


I don't often splurge on make up (I wish I could) but before I do I make sure I do a vigorous research about the product I'm about to throw in my virtual basket (I still do have a bit of a beauty counter phobia). A while ago I was on a hunt for an illuminating primer since I'm basically addicted to highlighting the hell out of my face (I honestly think the light bulb look is the best look, sorry mattes lovers) and I thought I needed something extra to up my glowin' game. Then I found Sali Hughes' review on Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer. Since I believe anything Sali has to say I decided I might as well get it before I find something else worth buying.

I have had it since April and I have a hunch it might last me till christmas. I use it everyday ALL over (yup) my face but if you're planning to just highlight certain points this may possibly last you till the end of times. It can be used under your base (foundation, BB cream etc) or it can be mixed with it, which gives even better results depending on how my skin is, and I believe it can used on top as well. It gives a strong mirror sheen and makes you look polished.

Available from Feel Unique.