I left my heart in Shetland


I have always been a city person. I like a variety and I like to have options even though 9 times out of 10 I choose to lounge round the flat having an endless round of coffee and a water bottle refill. Still I do need to have an ability to change my mind any time. Living next door to a group of strangers has always given me a sense of security. I love to venture further outside the city streets too. I love a countryside. Being away in the wild for longer than two weeks though is enough for me to go claustrophobic and anxious about the simplest routines I'm so familiar with while living in the city. Nevertheless I do need that time off and away.

I went to Shetland last summer and believe me when I say this it was quite enough to win me over. We took a ferry which quickly became my favourite mean of transport. The best thing about it - it doesn't make feel paranoid about losing my life and I love to be out in the sea. The winds are harsh and brutal and the scenery is breathtaking (much like the winds). It's seriously beautiful. The Scandinavian influences deeply rooted in almost every part of life there make it even more special. We stayed with the loveliest elderly couple who has the nicest habit of celebrating the simple routines. I hardly believed myself getting into a daily breakfast/tea and a biscuit. I didn't end up implementing those in my life but I do like to think of following them one day.

Missin' you lots Shetland 🌅💕