Probiotic Products by Úna Brennan


Whenever my skin feels like a withered leaf (which is all the time these days) I arm my face with a thick layer of Skin Food or good ol' Nivea. It might not solve the problem entirely but it gives me a quick moisture boost and works well as a relief for the driest of skin.  The bad news is it's not the best of options if I plan on leaving the house.

I briefly mentioned the Over Night Skin Recovery Cream from Úna Brennan's probiotic range  in one of the previous posts - It's been brilliant. But since I needed something to go under make up on a regular basis as well I thought I'd get the daily version of it. It has the same balmy texture but a bit more on the lighter side. I've been reapplying both of these creams like a mad woman and I've really been pleased with the results. According to the facialist herself the range can be used on any type of skin, however, it was formulated specifically for the sensitive or damaged ones. My complexion has been seriously lacking life recently and I got tired of faking the healthy glow each day. Having included those two creams in my both day and night routines quickly and significantly changed the surface of my skin. They feel very soothing and softening and don't leave any uncomfortable residue.

The products can be bought exclusively in Boots. You know where to go now when you're after quality yet affordable skincare, you're bound to find something for your skin. Úna - you're a star (and a saviour).

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