Favourites #1


Nails Inc., nail varnish in Victoria and Albert - It might seem like a classic red everybody already owns but upon further inspection it's also bright and glossy. I have been spying on colours like these ever since I saw Essie's Fifth Avenue. I never got to buy it. However when last month's Glamour magazine included that eye catching red I knew it was now or never. It's such a cheering shade and a nice change from my usual bordeaux and minky beiges.

M & S, Christmas coffee - Last year I accidentally discovered Taylors Christmas Blend coffee and completely fell for it. It was so so energizing while being perfectly smooth and mild with no sharp undertones or bitterness. I spent a whole year trying to find a dupe or at least something similar. It wasn't until last week's M&S trip when I spotted their christmas collections being out and their own coffee in the middle. It is almost identical. I hear Taylor's back in stock too. I guess now is the time to pay a visit or two for my yearly supplies.

New Look, Black Striped High Neck Jumper - If you're on a hunt for stripes + high neck + bretons New Look is your friend. In fact New Look could be your best friend this season if you like myself are into knits and skirts. They're great. This one in particular is well cut and so versatile I wear it non-stop. Should I go for a lifetime supply?