Topshop Wishlist


My monthly Topshop visits usually follow one of the two scenarios. a) I end up liking/needing everything, or b) I leave immediately wondering what happened to my inner edge. Nevertheless, here are the items that caught my eye as of late.

Checked Pinafore Dress. I can't stop debating whether I can wear it to work. With a chunky heel and some high neck underneath it seems like a good option but is it proper enough? I don't know. There's something about it, my body's sayin' let's go ooh, but my heart is sayin' no.

Shrunken Cable Knit Jumper &  Stripe Fluffy Knit Jumper. It wouldn't be a wishlist without a newly spotted knit. The first one is a bit more on the dressy side, I've not had anything in pink since my hello kitty wallet, hot pinks are a no no but this powdery shade looks so delicious I don't care if it suits me. The latter is more of a slouchy fit, but looks so cosy I can't say no. Also, stripes.

Clean Zip Top Clutch. I have never owned a clutch. In fact I have had my little cross body grey bag for err.. 5 years and it's been getting rather embarrassing to be carrying it around at every single special occasion, I could barely fit a wallet in there. But the holiday season's just about to begin so I thought it's time level my game up, and I have a Christmas staff party to attend too to (already googling dos and don'ts - I know nothing about it).