November Notes


Are we seriously half way into the month already?  And it was me promising myself I'd be getting christmas ready as soon as November hits in. Putting my fairisle knit and a wee shopping list I briefly jotted down while on a break to the side I've done nothing else just yet in order to bring my festive spirit back full time.

Good thing is though I find this time of year the easiest to beat the Monday/morning blues. Little things suddenly cheer me up a bit much more frequently - be it seeing a christmas tree in preparation in the square while on my way to the bus in the foggy morning or hearing a christmas tune on a packed bus feeling half sick. (The lights go on on the 20th)

Things to read: Don't call Me Princess - Asexblogofonesown 6 Months of Veganism - My Thoughts - Hello Gemma Made To Feel Like A Second Class Citizen - London Beauty Queen A non exhaustive list of hard things about being an adult - Gone to Deadlock

Other things I could not be without this month: Taylors Limited Edition Christmas Blend