Christmas wishlisting



Canon EOS 700D. For a long time now I've been thinking and intending to up my blogging game imagery wise. Christmas/New Year seems like a great timing to finally go for it. I've always been rather particular about pictures I take and share- 8 times out of 10 I've not been fully satisfied with the outcome and if I'm not entirely happy what's the point? This upgrade will make a lot of sense I believe and I don't just mean it as a blogging tool.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Coromandel. If it's a red it's gotta be Chanel right? (I've never had one in my life). I've wanted something orange red in a classy packaging (yes, it matters sometimes). This one seems like a great pick. Let the joyful reapplying begin!

All Year Round Planner Julia Kostreva. Ok, I already have this one, I clearly could not help myself.  I’ve not started using it though as I’m patiently waiting till the New Year. It looks like a dream to use and after countless bland copies I’ve been through it certainly will be a breath of fresh air into my obsessive planning routines.

What's on your list?