December Goals


While you and everyone else might be joyfully planning the Christmas puddings, pies and turkeys plus finishing off the gift shopping (what/how/when?) I am having a hard time to realise how much there is that needs to be done this month. Nevertheless, I love December and I'd be lying if I said last night's lights going on did not bother me.

This year much like last year I'm hoping to be finishing work in time to catch the ferry and I'm really crossing my fingers the weather's okay enough for that ferry to go. I know I probably should not be complaining as I'm among all the lucky ones who do get time off over holidays. Generally, all I really want is to try hard enough (harder than usual) to achieve what I've been planning on doing these last couple of weeks. And I don't just mean picking a nicer warp paper and ribbons, although that would be nice since every year I end up buying whatever's left and fairly pretty feeling guilty. I always put lots of thought into the gift giving, I'd say I'm really good at planning, mind you I've started all the lists in October. The real issue is the shopping itself, buuut the plan is to have it all done by the end of the first week of the month. I just need a list in one hand and a fan in the other. That said, I do enjoy picking and choosing Christmas cards,  I probably just need to update the list and addresses details. What else, oh yes, Christmas staff party- what do I wear, how much can you drink, dos and don'ts?

Are you Christmas ready? Please say no. What have you got planned for the upcoming month?