Budget Eye Shadow


Browsing bloggers' make up collections it seems like an eye shadow is an all around favourite, especially in a palette. Sadly and as much as I would love to, I still haven't grown fond of them and barely ever wear them myself. I do love my pale neutrals though and I wear them daily with a bit of a definition in the crease, but when it comes to the actual colour I still can't commit. I always save the smokey, darker shades for special occasions and when the moment comes all of the blending results in me looking quite ... rough. I think I was just born not to wear smokey and I get on with a liner instead. Not many options I'm left with ay?

Over the past few weeks I stumbled upon some great textures. Maybelline Leather Effect shadow in Creamy Beige in particular is dreamy. I've spoken about it before, it's still great and I still use it frequently. I've never been a fan of the regular range (too glittery - I wish I knew how people make it work as a daily wear) but the leather version is something different. It's got a hint of shimmer which doesn't look cheap and gives you that moist effect I'm always after. It may wear off a bit too quickly but it does look pretty on the lid. Stila does good quality offering for a smaller price, it's not the cheapest but still qualifies as an affordable option I think. Their shimmers are as great as the mattes. Recently, I've been using Eden in my crease. What else, Sleek has been hitting and missing in my books. I bought a neutrals palette but I've not been using it like I intended to. I like 2-3  of the colours and the quality is decent but nothing outstanding, the other offers seems to have great pigmentation but again it's not something I would frequently use. L'oreal falls into the same boat, the eye shadows look great in the pan and in a swatch, but the colouring and amount of shimmer is a bit too much for my basic self. In general, my only issue with eye shadows on a budget is the lack of a lighter, my lids-but-better colour, not everyone's into smokey browns trust me.

Have you got any favourites to recommend?