November's End


November has been slow. In between financial lows, entering giveaways and countless December to-do lists I really struggled with being organized and positive. There's really not much you can do when in an overdraft. Not only did it have a negative effect on this blog, but also I've felt like I've been half-assing my life in general a lot these days. It's the worst feeling. Not a fan. Drinking lots of coffee and having a proper routine Mon - Fri (a full time job) has helped a lot from having too many meltdowns. You would think it'd be exercising, drinking water and changing diet (there's not much you can eat when in an overdraft either) or any other of the ridiculous tips on how to beat depression and how to feel happier? No, not in this life at least. What else, it's been cold. I would love to be the person who's out after work admiring the Christmas decor and shopping early for gifts like I promised myself earlier this year I would. I've not been, too tired plus it's freezing, it's physically impossible. The tree in town is stunning though, the lights ... not as much. I read someone say the blue lights are the least pleasing, I think I agree. I can't make up my mind if the red lip is a good option for the Christmas staff do. Unless I can find something that doesn't leave stains everywhere as there will be drinking + eating, how come everyone's wearing red this time of the year but nobody seems to be bothered by that? Blogging wise as much as I've struggled with my own one these days feeling guilty, I've found a few new favourites. The 'small' blogs is where I usually find content I can actually read with delight more frequently. Rachael from Pale Skin Make-up is pretty grand and so is Rebecca from From Roses.

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Other great things you should keep an eye at: British Beauty Blogger and London Beauty Queen's Periscopes. Honest and relatable. Pure gold in the blogging community. Now if you excuse me, I need to force myself first out of this bed, then out the flat and cheer myself up with a cuppa by the tree in town. Till next time!