Happy Holidays


I'm awake at 5 am yet again. I can't fool my body clock, can I. I've been in Orkney for just a day and already I can tell you this is my happy place to be, and more importantly feels like home to me. Maybe it'll be better if I don't get too attached... It's Christmas Eve and there still is some minor wrapping to do, no stress though.

I have been taking a wee break with this blog. The reason is I find it quite difficult to post regularly while having a full time job. I thought while I'm away on holidays I'm going to think this through and decide what I want my blog to be like and where I'm going with this. I love to share and write about all sorts of things, that's the main reason I want to keep going. My worry is that with a lack of frequent updates and a clear structure who is going to bother reading? -sigh-

Nevertheless, here's a Merry Christmas to you all. Have a great time.