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The blogging community has been pretty amazing recently as I managed to find some real gems I find myself coming back to regularly.  Here's an awesome bunch of those who either make me want to organize my life once and for all, get better or get a grip in general. Some make me laugh too much, some are more cheering to read than my usual 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning. Most of all though they're all very relatable and inspire me in a lot of ways, which is a major reason I love blogging so much.

Annie from I find it hard to take my eyes off her gorgeous prints and brushed lettering . (thinking of requesting a logo maybe ...) Her creative lifestyle oriented posts are one of the best out there. Much talent.

Kate Her eye candy photography is what drew me in here initially. Also, the interiors, how does she do it? (Taking heaps of inspiration from her pinteresque snaps for my future dream flat). Girl's got style. I particularly enjoy her chatty lifestyle updates as well.

Sophie I adore the clean photography and a creative take on things. I go back to her posts constantly as I find her advice section extremely useful and honest. If you're thinking of starting your own page you probably should check out her pieces on blogging. Very helpful.

Emma from Everything she writes about I can honestly relate to and I know I'm not the only one. I especially enjoyed the recent y u unfollow me.A talented writer to keep an eye on.

Hayley She likes gin, like I do, shes's got a kitten and she's funny AND her lifestyle writings are always on point. 10/10. Please can we hook up?

Who would you recommend reading?

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