The 2016 goals can wait, how do you get back on the pre-holiday track?


I should be packing and writing a list of everything that needs to be packed while packing. Instead I'm having a selection of instant lattes cuddling the cats trying to figure out how to get back on the pre-Christmas track rather than what my New Year resolutions are. I think the reality might have finally hit me: Holidays are over, it's time to go back, but before I even think of all the work and routines I've swapped and abandoned for this easy kinda life there's another ferry trip to survive. 6 hours long. Let's hope for a smooth and waveless sailing this time around.

Orkney is my happy place, it's always the same, extremely relaxing, peaceful, slow paced, I can hardly tell the difference between the days of the week. It's reliable between the busy periods. But while it may seem ideal I know it's not doing any good for me in the long run. I always end up dreading the simplest things I would do before without thinking. It's why I'm finding it so hard to even think of readjusting myself to my old routines.

The festive decor is still up, I don't think it's helping as I'm mentally clinging onto all the happy times from a few days ago. Does anyone feel the same? How about people who have their lives all planned out for not just January but the year ahead? Do they enjoy their times off as hard and desperately as I do? I don't even hate my job. Is it the change of pace or the travelling that's the issue? Whatever it is, there's probably no way out but to agree to try and pretend that's the first day back in work is not a big deal at all.

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