A Cream Eyeshadow Find (& a mini rant)


I often express my annoyance with a lack of decent quality make up basics on a budget, especially the ones in neutral wearable colours. While scoping the shelves of Boots and Superdrug I found this little pot from Maybelline. I've got to admit I've not been a fan of the colour tattoo range at all, the bronzey shade everyone got and has been loving is too glittery for my liking, dries up to a patchy texture and frankly I don't see the point of a cream to powder formula. And again the colour selection is pretty poor when it comes to a nude lid. So inititally I was pretty reluctant but upon further inspection (no chunky glitter) I gave in. Sadly it's not as beigey as the name would suggest, it's a deeper brown colour. The longevity is pretty impressive though and the texture for a fraction of a price not too shabby either. It does look like a quality product on the lid so it'll be a keeper (The internet claims it's a dupe for MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork, we shall see about that).

It got me thinking though. Eyeshadow (and budget) wise too many brands seem to favour chunky glitter, flat dark mattes (although I guess it can be hard for a matte texture to be anything else other than a one-dimensional wash of colour) and the many shades of bronze which trust me does not look as flattering as it may seem and definitely doesn't suit everyone. Where are all the lighter shades, I'd literally give anything to be able to find a nice quality bone coloured shadow preferably under a tenner without having to buy a whole palette with all the colours I won't need. Not everyone's after a full on smokey on a daily basis. *sigh*