Holy Brow


I'm trying to pinpoint when my fascination with eyebrows has started because ever since I remember I've been filling them in obsessively while looking for the perfect product at the same time. I like my brows well-defined and groomed with a decent amount of thickness, so a good texture and the right colour are crucial. That's exactly what the Brow Wiz does so well and for the last couple of months I've been testing plenty of crayons and pens on a budget hoping I can find something that will rival the Anastasia's classic which even though is great it's not easily accessible.

My main issue are always the many shades of warm orange & brown, I'm sure I'm not the only person who would prefer a cool tone in their brows. Now the product I have been using recently seems to have passed the test which with my crazy expectations does not happen every day. Archery 2-in-1 Brow Sculpting Crayon & Gel from Soap & Glory honestly does the job. The reason I like it is the longevity, it does stay on. The texture is a bit waxy but easy to apply and definitely not melty. The colour range might be a bit of a let down if neither of the two (Brown and Out, Blonde Ambition) are your shade. Personally, I'm more than okay with the lighter colour as I can make it work really well despite my dark brows. The gel is a nice wee addition and it does set them in place.

Generally, I have been getting on pretty well with the other products in the brow range but that Archery set has taken it to a whole new level. Well done S&G, I can finally have a wee rest.

Have you tried it?