On trial: Makeup Revolution


There's been quite a buzz around this name on the blogosphere lately. Makeup Revolution is a fairly new brand, based in London, purse friendly, cruelty free, it offers a wide selection of colours. I'm not entirely sure when it decided to show up its face on the British highstreet but the new shiny counter was right there in front of me as I stepped into Superdrug on the first week back to work after the holidays. And as I needed some cheering (January's still depressing) I jumped right on it.

Where would I look first? You know it, the eyebrow section. Luckily there is one, because believe it or not I still bump into counters that totally ignore that part of a face which to me is the most crucial and I'm always trying out new brow products. Makeup Revolution offering includes powder palettes, tinted gels and pens. There is a lot to choose from, so after having a bit of a browse I decided to go with a Brow Dual Arch & Shape pen in Medium, which is also available in Fair & Darkest. I find Medium to be quite dark already but having naturally dark brows it does suit me perfectly.  I'm not a major fan of the felt tip end itself but it can be handy for an initial outline or definition not necessarily for the filling in job. The other end though is quite soft and not too waxy which is good because it's easy to work with and it doesn't move around. The thing I like the most about it is the lack of warm undertones. It's a nice cool brown shade which I consider perfect for my eyebrows. It may wear off after a couple of hours but for the price I'd say the longevity is quite strong.

What else? I desperately needed a new highlighter and I've already been seeing lots of beauty bloggers featuring the 3 colour palettes. I though it'd be best if I started with a single shade so I chose the Vivid baked one in Pink Lights to try and play around with and go against a general rule that favours yellow tone bases. I already have a lot of yellow in my complexion so I like to couterattack it with pink tones which I always find gives me a nice base. The product itself has got a pearly finish with proper shimmer, so if you're into subtle gleam it might not be the best option for you. However, if you're anything like me who's always after a major light bulb glow perhaps you should give these ones a try. (available in Peach and Golden as well)

I'm already seeing myself coming back for more. I'm interested in the eye liners and lip producs. Have you tried any of those? What would you recommend from the whole range?