January Roundup


January wasn't a good start to 2016. Between me struggling to readjust myself back into my regular routines and just recently going through personal turbulences it's hard to function and be on top of everything especially when your job requires you not to ever have a bad day and be constantly on the ball. I find myself clinging to every positive thought no matter how sparse they might be hoping for the better.

Nevertheless, the good news is my blog has finally got a new header, the one I had been previously whining on about Twitter. It's all done and thanks to the brilliant Annie, I strongly recommend her services, I mean look! It's the first time I'm fully happy with how my blog looks even though I'm still considering a platform change. Maybe soon. Or later. For now I'm excited to blog once again. This month I've discovered a few new producs that I can't imagine my makeup rountine without. It looks like I layed off liner for now and have been reaching out for crease shading more. Stila's eye shadow in Eden is a nice cool toned brown that I've previously mentioned in my favourites a few moons back and still use it. Givenchy Teint Couture Balm, that I've spoken about here still remains my ideal and preferred base, best that I have found and of which I'm a bit worried of running out. What else, liner aside it seems like the red lip is taking a back seat as well and in favour of this rather understated nude shade from Clinique. Pop Lip Colour + Primerin Beige Pop is a nice work environment friendly shade that I can't stop reapplying.  Like the rest of the range is very comfortable on the lips, the texture is silky and it stays on for a decent amount of time. The mascara of the month has got to be Lash Princess from Essence. The amount of volume it gives is quite shocking for the price. It's proper black, the wand is good size and the only downside is it might transfer a wee bit. I can live with that. Blush wise I'm forever faithful to the Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve from Max Factor. And as for the brows, Makeup Revolution's Brow Dual Arch & Shape in Medium turned out to be the winner. And a keeper.

For the next month I'm considering doing a bit of an OOTD and clothing in general on here. I mean I need a few new basics desperately but perhaps I could photograph and blog the process, we'll see. I've finally seen The Danish Girl. The cinematograpy's brilliant and the acting is too, there's not enough psychology for my liking especially with the themes and the topic. Nevertheless, it's worth seeing for yourself even though I was expecting a bit more.