Essence Lash Princess


Imagine a mascara that offers plenty of volume upon the first application. And for a fraction of the price. It's the Lash Princess false lash effect mascara from Essence I'm talking about. I've mentioned it briefly in the previous post but I've never spoken about it in detail.

I've been using it for about a month (and I should probably chuck it out and get a new one) and been really pleased with the results. As much as I am particular with my makeup I don't really expect much from mascaras. I'd say the main thing I always go for is the volume since my lashes are basically non existent, the length comes second. Lash Princess offers both which is pretty brilliant. The wand is a nice and narrow size and not too bulky which is great since I find them hard to operate. The consistency is not too dry, it's good enough not to smudge. Compared to other mascaras on a budget that promise voluminous lashes this one does live up to that promise. You can easily build them up to a pretty shocking feathery and fluttery effect.
The only downside though, there might be a minimal upper lid transfer, depending on your eye shape of course. Mines are pretty hooded so I usually end up with a bit of a mascara trace up there anyway.
Nevertheless, I'm perfectly happy with the performance and will be repurchasing it until I find something new test or obsess over.

The Essence range is available in Wilko stores but I bought mine in Superdrug. Check out your local ones!

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