A/W Wishlist

October is here and while technically Autumn has barely begun, this morning and the day before it definitely felt more like Winter. Hence, I'm wrapped up on my sofa trying to catch up on everything I've missed this week on social media and the blogosphere with a cuppa in one hand and laptop in the other (coffee count: 3). 

I briefly popped in Topshop and again attempted to decide whether I need Joni jeans, and which will fit me best in general because let's be honest I do need a new pair. They've been added to the list in the end.
My usual chunky heel is taking a back seat as I'm currently embracing loafers and these Topshop candy coloured ones are still among my favourites.

When it comes to knitwear and shirts Zara is my top place to visit. Not only is their annual coat collection always winning, but the embroidery style is the best I've seen as well. This season I'm all about that Check Coat and the grey chunky sweater.

What do you think of these?

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