A New To- Do List + Favourites

Like I have previously mentioned I've been away on holidays. What have I been up to so far? Not a lot. Lots of country walks, but also many stay-in days. It's a good thing though, I've had a lot of catching up to do reading and non reading wise anyway. Having a bit of time off work made me want to reorganise my life again and perhaps make a brand new to do list for the upcoming month?


  1. Make travelling to work more productive. I always have my notebook at hand but mostly I'm on my phone skimming through the latest on social media. 

  2. Read more. I feel like I'm ridiculously behind with fiction and non fiction. Plus my magazines backlog is getting a bit out of hand. I take ages to complete anything these days so it's not helping.

  3. Sort that drawer. You know the one with all the important paper work, the only number on my lists I struggle to tick off. It has to happen when I'm back.

  4. Get a working space. Or more importantly, the desk I've been meaning to buy since the day I've moved flats. It really is a necessity as I keep everything on the kitchen table. More or less.

  5. Pre-plan pre-Christmas. Yes, I'm afraid I'm one of those people getting overly excited about Christmas in early September. But hey, first Christmas in the new flat. It has to be ace, right?


My Life in Makeup: the beauty products I'll never, ever throw away. If you're a Sali Hughs' reader, you will know Pretty Iconic, a successor to Pretty Honest, is due to launch on the 20th October. This article makes a great treat and an insight on what you might expect. And as usual you can expect nothing less but a quality informative writing implemented with life stories leaving you wanting more.


I'm pretty late to the party but The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is the closest to an ideal cleanser on a budget I've managed to find. It's very similar in texture and performance to Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which I love but cannot afford on regular basis. The Body Shop's offer is a great alternative.


Last time I went to Boots I spotted a Benefit stand with a whole selection of minis. I tend to be fickle with my beauty products, I always want to try new things and am constantly looking for the next best thing. Hence, a mini is a perfect option for me. These Benefit ones offer generous amounts of products so I picked up a couple. 
More about the deal.

What have you picked up recently?