Stromvoe is on holidays

It is Monday and I'm off work for the next two weeks. I'm definitely enjoying myself hence me waking up at midday. 
I'm back in Stromness, the place where it all began for Stromvoe. I've always had a soft spot for the island. This time I'm intending to make the most of this stay and explore as much as I can. Instagram stories here I come I guess?, since now I have a good reason to use them.

Other plans for this month? Taking into account it's the Halloween month I will be rewatching the whole Twin Peaks. It's the least i can do since I'm not entirely fond that holiday (I've got Christmas on my mind since September. Don't judge). Speaking of horror, has anyone seen the new Blair Witch yet? I still haven't.

F A V O U R I T E  F I N D



This Zara Shirt and this H&M coat. I've spoken about the shirt before and I'm still equally as obsessed. It's exactly what I look for in my clothes lately - simple cut but with a detail making it a bit more special.
I've been on the lookout for an affordable Check print coat for weeks and couldn't find anything I liked. I went in H&M in Aberdeen on a whim and spotted one the other day while trying to kill sometime before the ferry. It's definitely not suitable for winter but it looks nice so I might as well pile on layers underneath hoping to magically survive the cold. Also, it's dangerously similar to the coat from my previously blogged wishlist but significantly  cheaper. It goes past my knees which is a new length for me to explore. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm winning here. Thoughts?

F A V O U R I T E  B L O G

Charlotte from Fox Socks came out with a brilliant idea and made a whole new space for bloggers you might have never heard of. You can get to know them here on BLOG SOCKS and potentially discover a new favourite.

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