Here's to Chrimbo-Limbo

I woke up this morning feeling rather sluggish (and guilty). No wonder I did to be honest taking into consideration the amount of a food I indulged over the past few days. Plus, everyone seemed to be frantically hunting deals and bargains literally hours after the Christmas Day whilst I was finishing off the turkey leftovers. Way to make me feel left behind yet again people of the internet! Having spoken to a few friends of mine I learned I wasn't alone in this (as in not doing anything in particular other than enjoying life). Good.
What's more, to indulge and stay in is a thing and to do so is perfectly acceptable I learned having a quick browse online. In fact, choosing not to indulge and not to spend the rest of December on your sofa is almost a crime according to Sali Hughes (link below). I'm not even going to hide it, it's exactly what I needed to hear. Hence, here's a list of what I'll continue on doing.

  • keep the tree for as long as I can. People who put the decor down post Boxing Day, who are you?
  • stay in and catch up on the things I had no time for prior to the holidays. I still haven't finished Pretty Iconic.
  • sort out the flat before the New Year. I might be totally broke but the flat's gotta be tidy
  • finally admit that Game of Thrones is not for me. I tried.
  • clear my phone out and keep my online activity sporadic. I need a break. As if it wasn't sporadic enough though.
  • not to think about a back to work period in a week or so.
  • see what Amazon Prime has got on offer before the trial runs out. Any suggestions?

Let me know how you're finding this time of the year!


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MUST READ: In praise of the Chrimbo-Limbo*