Bourjois Picks


I went shopping recently with an intention to get myself out of the make up rut (Feb goals) and perhaps buy something Spring appropriate. Even though I don't believe in rules in make up. I was curious about the new releases mainly, and as you might know there's plenty of exciting products out now.

Bourjois new City Radiance foundation piqued my interest first. I blame the name, anything that suggests glow and luminosity is an instant buy for me. I wasn't too keen on the Air Mat since I'm always paradoid about my skin looking dry. I obsessively add glow and moisture to any dry patches I can find.
I got it in Rose Ivory, the lightest shade, which is definitely a better colour match for my complexion than the lightest one in Healthy Mix, which is a brilliant foundation but the colour range is not the greatest. I find Rose Ivory light enough. I always seem to struggle with how the purse friendly foundations work with synergy with skin, they're never as blendable as I would like them to be and the consistency isn't as fine. City Radiance however offers a nice light natural and soft finish, SPF 30 and a light to medium coverage. The texture is thin and the illuminating properties are definitely there. So if you're into the healthy glow so many of us want this one is for you.

You might already know I'm not an eyeshadow person as I've previously stated in my I can't wear smokey eye rants. I do not however avoid a nice neutral as long as it's not too dark. These Little Round Pot Nude Edition eyeshadows caught my attention instantly. Not going to lie the packaging had a lot to do with it. Bourjois ranges are always one of the most aeathetically pleasing and I'm always easily drawn to their collections. I bought this pot in Generose 02, a bright beige shade with a good dose of shimmer in it. It can be applied both dry or wet for an extra intensity. I like this one a lot because it brightens my lips plus makes me look way more awake in the morning.
I'd reccomend having a peek into Bourjois counter.

Have you tried any of those?

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