Blogging: Feeling Unmotivated


I've been sitting here all weekend trying to put my Monday post into a written form and yet all I came up with is a photograph and a title. I know what I'm meant to be writing about, I just can't do it so I thought I might as well give up. It's not happening for now, as I'm totally not feeling like talking about skincare.

I've created this site in order to have and manage something outside my day job. Beauty is something I've been truly passionate about and even having a casual browse through new releases on a high street gives me more thrill than all the jobs I've had ever did, nevermind writing or talking about it.
I don't want this post to become a rambly chat without a point and structure and right now I'm trying my best to think of what it is that I'm trying to say. I've not had the best weekend. This time of the week is the time when I'm meant to be really productive. It's when I actually have time and a fair bit of energy, plus the sun is there waiting to be put into use.
I'm very pedantic about this blog and if I'm not 100% happy with the photos, the layout and what I post I become very anxious and spend copious amounts of time wondering how to get stuff right, basically wasting all my free time.
To put it in a nutshell I've been feeling rather negative about this blog and I'm not happy about that. The idea behind it was to be able to come here and joyfully share my passion and in the end yet again I'm becoming stressed about something that's meant to be here to help me be my positive self.

I don't want Stromvoe to be purely about beauty, what I like or use, I want it to be more personal, informative and perhaps helpful. On the other hand I don't want to stop pushing myself and I know I need to learn about to deal with all the pressure. In other words I know what I want and I do have a few ideas, being inspired is not an issue. The problem is how to put all that enthusiasm into practice. That's something I struggle with a lot and it's something I really want to come up with a guide for. Basically I would love to think of a relevant advice about something that isn't alien to me, tips that are more than just a 'go for a walk/run a bubble bath'.
Now I'm aware there will never be a default set of tips as the reasoning behind feeling unmotivated, flat and lifeless is very personal and can be more or less complex depending on the person. However I'm going to attempt to look into it in more detail and hopefully come up with an advice.


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