February Goals


I've been meaning to write one of those again and then I realised we already are one week into the month. Still though my life currently is in a desperate need of a proper to do list so I might as well do one here. It may be ranty. And long.

First things first, I need shoes. No, scratch that, I need a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I feel like I've not had anything new since autumn and been basically stuck in a fashion limbo for centuries. The plan was to go get things done today but not only did it rain, it also hailed and I gave up 10 minutes into the trip. Yeah, I'm an anxious shopper. Last week I did manage to have a brief look through all the high street collections and nothing particularly stood out to me. I'm way better with shopping for make up, believe me. Which brings me to my next point.

I really need to find a way out of the make up rut. And mainly for that reason I've been eyeing up Rosie for Autograph collection here and frankly I'm not even sure where I would start, so many pretty things. Not entirely sure when it's supposed to be available, does anyone know?

What else, after the site transfer my bloglovin suffered a wee bit. It's not been updated and it doesn't seem to be working. I'm running out of ideas how to possibly fix it and probably will end up emailing the support.

And finally, like usual I'm wanting to get things organized/planned/done. I've got plenty of ideas for this blog and never enough time or motivation. I've worked really hard on this site since the beginning of new year and I really want to do everything I've been planning on doing. It's not a secret I've been feeling low these couple of months now and it's the main factor that's stopping me from getting things done. I've actually been taking into account writing a rather personal post on what's been happening with me recently but still I'm a bit hesitant whether it's the right thing to do.

PS. I realised I can save myself the hassle of going out and panicking/quitting and browse quietly online with a cuppa. I worked because I got my shoes, thanks Zara. *ticks*
It's the short working week for those of you who work in education in the UK so here's me being hopeful and motivated even if only for a brief moment in time

How are you all doing this month?

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