Blogging: feeling unmotivated revisited

I took a mini break it seems. I didn't plan on it. The main reason is still my inability to do anything productive past 4 pm, the secondary reason is the flu I'm currently recovering from. A while ago I went on a pretty personal rant on how I can't blog the way I ideally would want to. I also said I would look into the issue in more detail. Here's a few points you might and hopefully will find useful, I personally benefit from all of those a great deal.

When you can. Whenever I get a surge of energy I always reach out for my jotter and write down ideas or start drafting posts. It helps being organised and makes me feel like I constantly work on my blog and don't neglect it even if my posts are rather sporadic. I do a lot of scribbling on the bus and lunch breaks, in fact this is the time I get inspired a lot. It can be annoying since 9 times out of 10 I'm away and unable to work on the idea(s) I have. Nevertheless, I think writing all the points down can help you see the idea in a bigger picture and decide whether the post is worth it or if it makes sense. It can give you a lot of material to work on and plan the future posts ahead.

In my previous post I mentioned I had to totally abandon my scheduled topic because I couldn't possibly force myself to write it even though I had it all planned- draft, photos, title. It can get really tough sometimes when your energy levels reach zero or below. I did post that day though. Instead of talking about skincare I spoke about what's been bothering me. I felt a bit better instantly. It's good to have a schedule but sometimes it's also good to go against it. I eventually did post about skincare a few days later. No big deal.

I get discouraged all the time. It's a mixture of putting too much pressure on myself especially when everyone's blogging daily. I know I physically am not able to accomplish that, even now I struggle with one post a week. It's hard not to feel left out. I say take small steps. Try and divide your content into small chunks and work on them one at a time. I personally find it easier when I have one thing to work on, that's why I always cut my drafts into paragraphs. Similarly, I only write one post at a time. The minute I start planning more, I lose. It's ideal for those who frequently feel overwhelmed.

Speaking from my own experience you and your blog can benefit from taking a break. I myself am a big worrier and am constantly planning and thinking in advance. I often put way too much pressure on myself filling my diary with endless to-do lists and struggling to tick one or two off. As a result I either publish a rushed content I'm not entirely happy with for the sake of being consistent or I make it feel like it's a chore. The moment it stops being exciting I know it's not working. A break can last an hour, a day or two, or a week- as long as you need. Either way it's totally fine.

Engaging with other can not only spruce up your content and give you new ideas but also make you feel so much better. I had a couple of replies on the previously mentioned posts which made me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one struggling. It can be comforting talking to other people who go through similar patches. I believe you need some sort of social interaction even if it doesn't solve the issue. It helps to cope.

Thoughts? Please let me know what you think!

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