Mac Velvet Teddy & Soar

I have been stalking the Mac counter a lot these days. The main reason being I really wanted the iconic Velvet Teddy. If someone showed me that colour a few years back I doubt I would even consider a swatch. I was too much into brights and gloss. Recently though all I seem to wear are all the shades of my-lips-but-better and not because I can't be bothered. 
I don't know what happened but I prefer the killer colours for special occasions, plus I might have become a bit self conscious about my lips and a good nude makes them look a bit fuller plus it's ideal for work. And the gloss? I've abandoned it years ago and haven't had any interest in the releases ever since, it doesn't do anything for my face.

Getting back on the subject though, I caved in and bought the Velvet Teddy plus Soar lip liner. The first one is a warm shade of medium brown even though it claims to be beige. Nevertheless, it's a nicer version of a nude and a perfect alternative for my usual dusky rose shades. The texture is one of my favourites at the moment- matte yet creamy. It lasts a decent amount of time. No regrets.
The latter on the other hand is a cooler and darker shade of mauvey brown. I like it on its own only if I fully prep my lips. However, paired with Velvet Teddy creates the ultimate grunge/90s lip. Glad I joined the club!

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