#everydayiblog (printable to do list)

Except I don't but I would have in my perfect life believe me. I've been thinking for a while about doing something more creative on these pages. As much as I love to talk about beauty and rant about how I can't get things done I feel like it's time for Stromvoe to expand a little and there's a lot I would like to speak about.
Ideally I would love to start writing about mental health as I've got a lot of stories to tell and a lot of issues I've been dealing with for a while. I need to sit down and plan that all out though and that won't be happening soon.
However, as you might already know I'm all about pen and paper, and even more so I'm all about to-do lists. They are life. I thought why not sharing one I've made and been using? 

Download button below ( PDF file).


LifeBoto do list