Spring/Summer trends I love

Words cannot describe how obsessed I've become with that shade. I mean basically at this point I would not mind having every piece I own in it, I would even go as far as painting my forever white walls.  It started off with a lipstick (Blush Pop, Clinique) and went on from there. It's not too bright but bright enough for my liking and my mainly monochrome wardrobe. It adds warmth and a subtle pop of colour.

THE 90s
After weeks of wearing all the shades of a brown lip today I went ahead and got a camisole dress (T-shirt dress, Zara). I'm throwing some chokers in my basket to top up the look as I speak. I'm pretty sure I've got some checked shirts and a chunky heel at the bottom on my drawer as well. What else, oh a bomber jacket.  I love the way it looks on others, on me though it can be rather unflattering. However, I found this loose fit blue piece from a denim collection in Zara today and thought why not? We all know summer doesn't last here but I surely can't be wearing my winter jacket all year round (like I did last year), can I?

I mean who honestly doesn't like a pretty lace and a bit of a ruffle in candy colours? I know I do. I just haven't found one for myself yet.

What have you been loving this season?

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