A Statement Tee


It started all with this image I came across while casually browsing twitter. I felt I had to have it even though it's pink and quite girly and I've never cared much for a non basic tee. Plus when would I ever wear these in this kind of weather? Nevertheless,  I was quickly redirected to the Lazy Oaf website where I found more pieces to gush over.

This black velour Baby Velvet T-shirt is so so me (black + high neck). I like that it's fitted, but I'm not very fond of the cropped length. It does look great with anything high waisted, no wonder I've been wearing it to death. The material and the embroidery make it a bit more special. Shame about the limited sizing though.

Originally I had been planning fully fledged OOTDs however things never go as planned right? I probably should just stop worrying and go for it but I won't. For now.

You might know blush pink is the shade me and the rest of the world are utterly in love with. How could you say no to this deliciously sorbet colour? I couldn't, hence it's the first thing I check for when entering a store. I found this Burnout Contrast Tee in Topshop. It's quite sheer and again fitted. The shade here is probably the best I've come across so far.

Now this Fruit Appliqué T-shirt from Zara I've had for a while and briefly mentioned it before. It's a loose fit but the cropped style doesn't make it look too slouchy which I like. I mainly wear it with skinny black jeans. But honestly these can be worn with anything, I think they add a hint of personality and can transform your outfit into something more casual.



Finally, the Troubled Tee that started it all. I adore the writing and the print. I would prefer a slightly different shade of pink though. Sadly I cannot find it on the website anymore, hopefully it'll be brought back in stock shortly.

In the meantime, let me swoon over the Cut out heart Tees some more. How cool are these? Are you liking any of those?

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