Saturday Chat

It's Saturday morning and I think it's high time I did a proper catch up: coffee count 2 and I even had a breakfast. What is this holiday doing to me?

It's been over 2 months since I moved flats and consequently joined the ranks of those Zara/H&M home/succulents obsessed. I have yet to make an order as currently I'm trying to figure out the shoe situation. How do you store shoes? Do you keep them in a cupboard/box/cabinet? And where in case your flat is hall-free? Also, I'm still considering setting up a proper working space. Any affordable desks you could recommend?

I almost joined the gym a few days ago. I know, but my body confidence has reached the lowest it's been at in a while. Instead I tweaked my diet a bit, nothing major just giving up most of the stuff I enjoy. If you have any tips on mood boosting please do share.

I'm lucky enough to get the annual 6 weeks off work. This year though I'm staying in the city with the exception of being away for a few days later this month. South of England here I come. What's more, I got myself involved with Bloggers Blog Awards which is keeping me pretty occupied. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. If you haven't voted yet please do. It's all very exciting.


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