Must Have Beauty Reads

FacePaint: the story of makeup by lisa eldridge

The moment it was available for preorders I proceeded with the purchase and waited patiently for the delivery. I've been an avid watcher of Lisa since 2010. Her uploads thoroughly changed my outlook on make up and have been inspiring me ever since. Thus my hopes were high
FacePaint has been around for over 10 months. I definitely took my time with this one yet I still find myself flicking through the pages admiring the photography . I couldn't help but feel a huge amount of passion and work put into this release.
The book is divided purely into make up oriented chapters. It takes you on a detailed journey through periods in history and many beauty trends on the whole. It's incredibly informative and written in an engaging manner. I found all the stories highly compelling. It's a celebration of make up and its powerful functions plus a joy to read and look at.

PRETTY HONEST: the straight-talking companion by sali hughes

Sali is a journalist and Pretty Honest is a modern guide to grooming. She knows what works hence I trust her reviews. I've discovered plenty of quality products for both a higher and lower price following her recommendations.
You will be needing a copy If you assume taking care of your appearance is a) time consuming, b) tricky, c) frivolous, or if you simply value a very genuine approach to beauty.
I hear Pretty Honest 2 is coming. I'm ready. Are you?

What are your favourite beauty books?