Blog Love #2

While everyone else is prepping their bodies and minds for the apocalypse aka heatwave I'm yet to decide whether I should stay in or grab a self tanner and go since I kinda have missed the sunshine. It's supposedly meant to be the hottest day so far. It's currently 9 am, I live up north and it's already bright. I guess it's happening. I probably shouldn't be getting used to this unusual sight.


I'm a fairly new reader of Fern's. Her personal updates and style posts keep me coming back for more. It's all very relatable and honest. I adore the chilled and chatty vibe, plus there's a cat involved.


I've been reading Charlotte's entries for ages (who remembers Smudgeness?). I had to check out Fox Socks naturally. I'm glad I did. Good and engaging writing here guys (tear and laughter inducing), I'm a sucker for that. What else is there? The variety of topics and a raw not overly edited photography.  Also cats. 


Rebecca comes across as a humble, down to earth girl and her blog definitely reflects that. From Roses is a mixture of beauty and lifestyle related topics. It's updated daily with well thought out quality content. I find her lifestyle articles both uplifting and motivating, her dreamy photography inspiring and her beauty recommendations worth a try.

Have you got any favourites you could recommend?