The Body Shop Picks


Last week I had a pleasure to take part in a Twitter chat with The Body Shop managed by Thirty Plus. It inspired me to check out the brand once again since I have forgotten about it a wee bit. I didn't lie when I said my to-buy list was full. I popped in the store the following day and took my time testing both the newest ranges and cult classics.

One of the products that piqued my interest was the Drops of Light Brightening Essence Lotion. What is essence you may ask. I wasn't entirely sure either until very recently when more and more Asia inspired products began to pop around the stores. It's supposed to be a missing link product between a toner and a moisturiser. Since I always strive for the best results I can get I thought I'd give it a go.
I've been using it daily straight after my usual dose of a cleanser and an exfoliating toner. I usually just pat it in, I find it works best due to its light and thin texture. It's great for an instant moisture plus it preps your skin for further steps in your routine. 


I also have gotten myself a pot of the Oils of Life Sleeping Cream as it' s been recommended a lot. I'm a fan of the silky texture and the morning after result. My skin looked nourished and visibly plumper and softer the next day. The range is definitely something I wish to explore more.

Have you picked anything from The Body Shop recently?

What would you recommend?