Sunday Chat

While everyone else is celebrating the weekend I am mourning my summer break coming to an end. It's that time of the year when I dig out my planner and iron some clothing. 
None of my co-workers are talking about the fact that we're all back in work on a Monday though which makes me wonder 1) Do they realise? 2) Do they not want to hear it? 
Most importantly, how do you tackle the post-holiday back to work small talk? I'd rather pretend we never left to be honest.
How do you go back though? It's been six weeks. *sigh*
My social media activity and Stromvoe both are probably going to suffer unless I figure out how to find the balance in life. (got any tips?)

In other news, I now have a kitchen table + chairs (and it's not marble or white), assembled by myself. I'm probably not doing it again. Next step, a desk please (the one I've been on about for the last couple of months). Also, getting a kitten has been in plans for quite some time. There are too many cons so far, the major one being we don't have enough space I'm afraid. Hence, it's been taking me so long to make up my mind. I obviously really want it, otherwise why would I be shamelessly stalking our neighbours' cat? ...

I also joined the club and watched Stranger Things which I enjoyed a lot. Good pacing, non cliche characters, good acting and a real 80s vibe? I'm a fan of all that. I also really want to watch Me Before You but I'm slightly worried I might end up hating it? Please tell me there's more to the main character other than being quirky. No really, let me know.

T H I N G S  T O  C H E C K  O U T