New Workwear


September has always been a month to start anew for me. That applies both to when I was a student and now as I  work in a similar environment. 
It is also a transitional period; it's not quite Autumn yet however summer wear is not something you would want to stick to every day anymore. 
I've also been looking for pieces which would be more work appropriate. I might have my beloved basics and staples but I get bored a lot and I like to switch things up constantly. 

Embroidery game is definitely strong this season. I don't know about you but I find it hard to resist it. I feel like it started off with that Zara shirt I've been lusting over on social media. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in my size so I turned to ASOS (obv) to hunt down something similar. 
I thought this shirt was perfect - not too over the top yet embellished enough to make a mini statement and add a little extra to the outfit. I wear it with everything, aka both skirts and trousers.
One thing I noticed though, I find it a bit too short even though I'm not the tallest of people. Shall I go for the Tall section next perhaps?

This wee Monki skirt has been a godsend. I basically live in A line skirts but I always struggle to find the right cut and fit. This one is less structured than what I usually go for plus it's got pockets with can be a plus. I don't mind them.
If you could recommend skirts that embrace small waist and wider hips please let me know.

I team these with simple stud or hoop earrings and recently these New Look loafers. Loafers are another thing I've been getting into a lot recently. I decided to ditch my usual baroques for a while plus I've never been able to live and work in heels- loafers seem like my only option right now. I have been eyeing the Topshop version as well, both the back and the pastel coloured. In ideal cicumstances I would just get them all. In reality though I have to make a choice.

What have you been loving currently?

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