Japanese Camellia Cream


It's not a secret skin care is a vital, if not the most important, part of my beauty rituals. While I don't avoid any steps in my daily routines, I'm getting a bit worried about my approach to body care as a whole. I'm one of those people finding body moisturizing a real chore. I either end up forgetting or just cannot seem to be bothered.
However, the moment I stumble upon a product less than ordinary I suddenly remember to use it regularly. I like my body care fancy clearly.

It's exactly what took place in The Body Shop store. I hadn't been fully aware of the Spa of the World range before so I decided to have a closer look. The collection focuses on a proper pamper properties including many bath and post-bath treats.
I went for this Japanese Camellia Cream purely becase the aesthetics of the packaging and the description. It comes in a sturdy jar which is significantly bigger than the regular body butters

The label says 'Velvet moisture body cream'- I think it sums up the product pretty well. The texture is dreamy- rich and thick, yet still feels really soft and almost fluffy. In consequence, it offers an incredibly smooth and easy application.
Infused with camellia oil, it leaves the skin looking supple and hydrated. The beautiful balmy fragrance adds volumes to the experience and lingers on for hours.

Have you tried anything from the Spa range? What else would you recommend?

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