Friday Chat

It's Friday. This weekend I'm intending to rethink my blogging intentions yet again. My main worry is the lack of time and when there is time, I chose to chill instead. Everyone's being productive, everyone's scheduling. And then there's me, struggling to tick off a single task of my list. I honestly don't know how you're all coping.

Since we're in September I feel like it's more acceptable to be vocal about your winter festivities plans (This year we're staying in the city and getting a tree, 1st christmas in the new flat FYI).
There is also an October break to look forward to and more importantly another trip to Orkney to book. Should I not get too distracted with the cats, I'm planning on taking more photos this time and perhaps spend more time exploring the island.

On the 1st of September a brand new lifestyle website LIVINGOLOGIE launched, which I've been pretty excited about. It's updated daily with articles from across different topics. You're bound to find something for yourself. 

Things to look forward to