An Ode to Silk Road

I'm quite fussy when it comes to eye shadows. In fact I'm not a fan of a colour on my lids at all. I don't find it suits my hooded eyes plus I find it tends to always look a bit stark and overdone no matter how I apply it. Hence, I've never really warmed up to a smokey eye. I may go hard on my lashes but I always leave the lids quite bare.

However, there are a few things I do like. I've previously spoken about Maybelline Color Tattoo creamy shadow in Creme de Rose which is both a great base and a stand alone product. I like that it's cool toned. Anything warm or bronzey in general makes me look tired for some reason and I swear I'm not exaggerating here. I can never get my head around how others make it work. I honestly cannot.

I generally go for something basic, light and matte. But, I spotted this Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Silk Road and quickly decided on buying as the shades were too pretty to resist. The lighter one is my usual go to (standard champagne/beige/peach) but the latter is an interesting one (rose-gold, although more on the rosy).
The texture and application are as dreamy. The shadows blend really well, are buildable, last a whole day and the shimmer is subtle enough to wear to work. I basically wear them all the time, both in conjunction and on their own.

Have you tried these?

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