Long Weekend Limbo

It is Sunday and there are a few things I've been wanting to point out for a while but haven't made an effort to combine it all into a coherent post. So I'll just say what needs to be said.


I've changed the layout here hoping it's going to spark some energy and be more consistent with this blog. I really hope things are about to change because quite frankly I'm struggling. Please let me know what you think. Side bar is gone and I quite like it that way I think. 


My love for Scrabble has been reignited. It was a late Christmas gift and possibly the best of them all.


The journey begins 2 years after the events in FFX. I think this is going to be a story focused playthrough, although I might consider 100%ing it after. We'll see. Enjoy!

Last night I tried streaming and it went pretty well. Let me know if it's something you would be into. Well, I'll be doing it anyway but it'll be nice to know I'm not the only one obsessing over FF and other titles. Expect lots of coffee, silent pauses and nervous laughs.


  • I've seen the new Blair Witch and thought it was pretty pointless.
  • Netflix is really lacking these days I think.
  • I really want a cat, a new mug and a new jotter/diary.
  • Currently reading (still) The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and it's beautiful.
  • I dyed my hair blue for one day and it was very cheering.
  • I'm going to Sweden for a week in April which is both exciting and frightening (Already terrified of losing stuff in the process, have I mentioned I hate travelling?).


Why I Don’t Have Any Couple Photos Of My SO And I by This Stuff is Golden

(this is so me)


How's everyone? I've still got 2 days off work left. I'm about to put the kettle on. Please chat to me! x