Skincare Less Ordinary

I feel like I'm late to the party with The Ordinary range as it took me quite a while to finally make a purchase. During that time I had been scrolling through reviews, blog posts and product descriptions carefully planning on what I might need in my collection.

I have become pretty fond of DECIEM not only because their offering is sensibly priced. Being a fairly new brand it managed to make quite a name for itself over the past couple of years and is constantly bringing a variety of functional products to the table.
I have been an avid user of the Booster range (I previously spoke about the Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA Serum) and the HA Blur Finisher. Both of these offer instantly visible results and tick tried, tested and trusted boxes.

Taking into account how much I depend on Hyaluronic Acid based products, I originally wanted to go for those (obviously). It's a shame the one I was planning on buying was out of stock.
Nevertheless, I opted for Advanced Retinoid 2% and Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% instead.

The first one contains a gentler version of retinoil, is less likely to cause irritation and is designed primarily for skin with signs of aging. As much as I dislike the anti-ageing term I do want my skin to look the best it can. Hence, I'm always up for products that battle fine lines, pigmentation and generally promise to improve the texture of skin.
I have been using it quite religiously as an part of my every day PM (before bed) routine prior a moisturiser and have spotted positive results the morning after. My skin has definitely looked smoother and the texture of it appeared to be enhanced,

The latter on the other hand is basically an exfoliating acid, which is something I rely on a lot in my regimes. My skin doesn't always agree with glycolic based exfoliants but lactic acid, even though is meant to be milder. seems to work so much better. I like to soak a cotton pad in it for a quick resurfacing fix after the cleaner step. It works wonders.


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