Topshop Wishlist


I'd describe my relationship with Topshop as complicated- a love and hate affair. Questionable service and dodgy sizing more than often will make me pick other shipping options. The unsatisfying quality of the products and the actual struggle to find something nice and wearable at times wouldn't justify the price tag for me either. So I stopped visiting for a while after another disappointing sale, another cooler-than-you collection and just me not being able to fit into my usual jeans size.

I stepped in last week because 1) it's March/Spring is coming everyone, 2) I'm a bit tired of my wardrobe, 3) I needed some cheering up and I quite liked everything I managed to browse through. One thing Topshop always does well are accessories and jewellery. They may be slightly overpriced in comparison to other high street brands but the selection is always on point. These leaf patterned earrings are one of the most interesting pieces I have spotted recently. The quality of their shoes and bags have been significantly better than the contents of the rest of the departments (I'm still not out of love with the Gucci loafers dupes).
Mom Jeans is a trend (and a nod to the past- yes, I'm really that old) I've been deliberating about for months now trying to decide whether I want to give it a go or not. It's something entirely different to my trusty black skinnies and so not as flattering. But I think these would look quite cool with what I already have in my collection. I might end up making a purchase next time I'm in.
Slogan tops seem to be all the rage right now and I'm still lusting over anything Bella Freud does. Topshop has added a number of text inspired pieces to their collection and I have to say I wouldn't mind owning them all. The Sweet Life sweatshirt is my favourite but the Bad Habits and Baby Girl tops are as nice.
Finally, I fell in love with blush pink last spring and since then I've been eyeing up everything (clothes, makeup, homeware) in that pretty sorbet shade. So I'm pretty pleased to see it still going strong. This short sleeve shirt would be a great addition to my workwear, (just wishing for the sun to go out asap).

So there you go, Topshop might not always be reliable but may surprise you in one way or another. What do you think of these?