Visiting Stockholm

It's been a week since I returned from my holidays in Sweden and I am already planning another trip (in my head). It is very unlikely of me to do that since usually I'm not fond of travelling. I used to be the total opposite and thought it was exciting to go on an adventure. Now it has become a reason to pre-plan months in advance, stress and feel anxious about the whole thing, then leave the packing to the last minute and have a meltdown the night before. All of the above did indeed happen.
I'm assuming the reason I became this way has something to do with me finally being able to say I'm happy where I am and I don't want any disruptions to my routines? I think. Or maybe it's to do with growing up. Or me depending too much on those routines, because I know my world will fall into pieces once the setting changes. I know it sounds nonsensical but I genuinely was upset about going.

So two weeks ago I boarded the plane feeling extra anxious. A great start to a well earned holiday one might say. In the end I did have a good time. Sweden has been on my list for years and I'm definitely going back. I just need to figure out when's my next time off. I realised one thing though- I rely on my comfort zones and daily regimes too much and to the point they are stopping me from enjoying myself in a new place. I was on holidays and was feeling constantly sorry for myself. It wasn't ideal. So here's to a new goal of mine. Try and work on how to function outside your comfort zone. (Any tips?)


Nevertheless, the trip wasn't horrible at all and by the end of it I wasn't happy to be going back. Here's what we did:

  • We explored the wilderness in the Sandviken area and it was magnificent.
  • In Stockholm we went to The Swedish History Museum. Classic. And a must.
  • We stayed in Gamla Stan, one of the best well-kept city centers in Europe and I honestly struggled to leave the apartment on our last day.
  • We went for a massive stroll around Rosendals Garden.
  • Then we went to The Vasa Museum. Another must,
  • Finally, my personal favourite, we visited Skansen Open-Air Museum,

(Please feel free to share your suggestions on what I should see/do next)