& Other Stories Wishlist

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& Other Stories is a Swedish brand and a bit like an H&M's older cousin, and up until recently I for some reason never had a proper browse. But ever since I purchased the dupe for Acne Jensen ankle boots I cannot seem to get enough and find myself constantly saving numerous pieces into wish lists. It can be very rare for me to spot things I like 100%, as you may know I struggle a lot when shopping for clothes.
For instance, I can never find a plain coloured basic A lined skirt (that is narrow in the waist area and properly wide in the hip area, and please if you can recommend me one I would like to know about it), or a simple good quality knitwear (without splits), or a well cut round neck T-shirt (that isn't cropped), or shoes that don't fall apart or dramatically change shape after a week of wearing. As you can see there are a lot of boxes to be ticked and in & Other Stories everything appears to be ticking them all recently. 


I've had my New Look loafers for a while now and they've lasted me pretty well. The loafer trend is one of a very few I actually cannot seem to get enough of, They make an outfit casual yet put together, perfect for my kinda work. Hence, I need a new pair. These seem perfect.
I thought I was over the flashy ankle boot thing, I was obsessed with so many pairs of embroidered ones but never actually bought any. These shoes are beautiful and I'm seriously considering making a purchase this time.


Everytime I try to layer or find something casual to wear it turns out I've got nothing. Standard. I know I need more basics in my wardrobe but they can be a bit...boring to look for. This Tee seems like it's good quality plus I like the Striped Sweater even more.


And I mean THE dress. This pleated shirt one is everything I look for in a dress at the moment. I've always wanted a nice floral tea dress casual enough to wear everyday or maybe even to work. You know, something a bit different, something I can feel nice in. The weather is never right to wear one, even in the summer that never seems to come here. But I think I might go for it, it's too pretty not to.


Bags wise I've been on the lookout for something bigger, slouchier and more casual. I seem to be carrying more stuff that usual, but they I commute daily I need things to read. This braided one is a bit different to what I would usually go for but seems like a perfect option for me. Also, I've been looking for nice pair of hoop earrings and I think this is the one.